PageCDN Review 2021 – Is It Best Content Delivery Network?

PageCDN Review 2022 – One of the Best Content Delivery Network:

The performance of a website plays a game-changing role in the retention of customers. This is especially true when it comes to the load time of a website, so if you are running your website from a physical location, the data of your website has to go through wires to reach other cities, which in most cases cause a huge delay in the load time of your website which will leave a bad impression on each of the customer vising your website resulting in a loss of a potential buyer each time. Therefore, you need to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Luckily, all of these problems can be solved using a single service called CDN (Content Delivery Network). Now, if you are still unaware of it, then you should seriously look into it because it is one of the most popular services being purchased by Website owners, bloggers, and marketing leaders. A CDN is a group of servers placed in different parts of the world with the sole purpose of delivering the content of your website to the users as fast as possible. Their placements and optimization are completed in such a way that each user gets the content from their nearest servers with little to no delay. So, each time a user comes and leaves your website, his experience is always smooth and seamless.

You should be well aware of the importance of a CDN now, but the market is filled with numerous CDN service providers. This makes it difficult for people with low experience to choose which one is best for them. Well, we are just about to review one such service provider in detail and explain to you why you should choose PageCDN for your website.

This review will include information about PageCDN, all the benefits, and features, so let’s get into it without wasting your time!

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PageCDN is the new addition to the CDN service provider from Pakistan, and as a new player, it is being received quite well. It is Pakistan’s first home-based content delivery network that was Co-founded by Mudassar Sarfaraz, Muhammad Naeem, Sami Ur Rehman, and Hamid Sarfaraz in July 2019, and it has been offering developers new ways to improve their website speed and optimization. It has helped clients achieve 10x better speed taking 10x less time compared to the previous results.

PageCDN is one the places to find solutions to all of your problems. It provides its clients with all the useful features like easy use & fonts, consolidation of the host, aggressive optimizations, classification of content, Shared CDN, HTTP/2 Server push, optimizations of URLs, HSTS Preloading, among many others.

There is a huge number of CDN service providers out there but, PageCDN claims to be among the top providers in terms of its pricing and speed. A company with this much confidence sounds to be promising to let us get into the details and see what it has to offer for its clients.

Key Features of PageCDN and What is it Offering?

PageCDN boosts the speed and load time of your website by using the following top-of-the-line features.

1- Easy to Use:

Most of the CDN services apply techniques that are hard to use and require some sort of technical knowledge. Page CDN comes with an Easy Speedup WordPress plugin, which only requires a few simple clicks to set up, and then everything else is handled by PageCDN. Even on static or dynamic websites that do not have WordPress, the setup is still really simple. Additionally, you can also easily use the configuration form for all other advanced optimizations right from the PageCDN dashboard.

2- Consolidation of Host:

Domain sharing was quite popular back in the era of HTTP/1 when browsers could have effective utilization of available bandwidth because of the lack of parallelizing requests. PageCDN now offers the complete opposite of that, with HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 being soon. Parallelized and multiplexed can be done by a single connection to transfer resources. This is especially useful to improve the performance of modern websites and is even recommended by browser developers to dissect large files into smaller files so a certain low-level optimization can work.

A website can run into the following two problems if they become the victim of incidental domain sharing by loading their resources from more than one host like hosted widgets, Google Fonts, Private CDN, Public CDN, etc.

  • It starts needing to perform extra when it comes to opening a separate connection per hose and extra DNS lookups. This can become a costly job for the browser. This might not show up very well in desktop browsers, but it affects mobile devices’ website performance.
  • A waste of resources by not being able to utilize the parallelization capabilities of the HTTP/2 protocol.

PageCDN consolidates multiple types of content over a single host by relying on the feature of HTTPS/2 so that everything can be requested in parallel. PageCDN tackles this problem by providing open-source themes and libraries; themes, widgets, commercial libraries, and fonts. Additionally, even use a single CDN for your private files and, wherever possible, deliver you the cache of the users when they were visiting other websites using already created shared/public resources.

It also helps you connect to multiple different origins like file storage, GitHub, websites along with other CDNs and for best performance utilizing the content near the end-user. It also helps in delivering everything to you using the same connection.

3- Aggressive Optimizations:

A lot of websites compress their static resources before delivering them to the browser, and it is usually done through GZip compression. This reduces the file size considerably, resulting in saving your time and bandwidth by loading the website quicker.

In comparison to this, PageCDN applies the Brotli compression, which comes with compression quality 11, which is currently the top compression quality available for the web at present. Many CDNs do not allow this compression because it eats up the processing resources. PageCDN utilized pre-compressed resources and decreased the size of the content up to 27% by utilizing the Brotli compression.

Additionally, you can also use PageCDN to settle aggressive cache-control heads for browser files that have long expiry. In case of a file change, it also allows room for cache invalidation using in-URL tags. This can improve the loading speed of the website for returning and new visitors.

4- Classification of Content:

PageCDN provides efficient optimization of caching, delivery, content phases, or HTTP requests by classifying website content. The Classification consists of the following.

  • Public Content:

It consists of all the publicly available open-source libraries. PageCDN hosts more than 2,000+ WordPress themes, 10,000+ WordPress plugins, and 200+ libraries that they can use for free using the Easy Speedup Plugin or the Public CDN section on their website.

  • Shared Content:

A lot of websites utilize paid or free themes, so PageCDN helps website share their browser cache by advocating the hosting of such content on CDN from the same repo.

  • Private Content:

Any content that is static and does not come under public and shared content will be considered private. This type of content is mostly very specific to a website and contains profile photos, business logos, custom CSS and JS files, user uploads, etc.

5- Shared CDN:

PageCDN has introduced a new content delivery technique called Shared CDN. In the past, CDN using websites loaded public libraries from public CDNs and the rest of the resources using commercial CDNs. PageCDN changed this concept by utilizing shared CDN, which makes it possible for non-public content shared by websites to deliver from a single place to amortize the cost of optimization or to achieve a better cache hit ratio.

6- HSTS Preloading:

Being on the HSTS preload list of all top browsers gives PageCDN a clear advantage. Because it makes sure each user’s files load overusing HTTPS regardless of if they asked the browser to do it or not.


  • Really easy to set up.
  • Fully Compatible with HTTP/2 and HTTPS
  • Compression of Brotli-11
  • Immutable Caching
  • Server Push HTTP/2
  • It has 24/7 support availability.
  • Improved delivery speed using Global Edge Network of PageCDN
  • WebP Conversion and Image Optimization through Cloud services
  • Automatic Optimization of DNS lookups
  • Automatic Optimization of HTTP caching


  • No particular Cons as of yet.

How to get PageCDN Services:

You can get the PageCDN service by either getting the free CDN or the Premium one.

Free Open Source CDN:

PageCDN provides Open source CDN with a limited number of features for the users that do not want to pay for the premium version. The free Libraries of CDN include everything available on this page.

PageCDN Pricing Plan for Premium Features:

The pricing plan for PageCDN for premium features is as follows:

Type of Subscriptions:

PageCDN comes with two different subscription plans.

1- Monthly Subscription Plan:

In the monthly subscription plan, you pay a certain amount each month and get to enjoy certain features of premium CDN. These features vary according to each package.

2- Custom Quote:

Although the monthly packages are enough for most of the cases. But if you have a very specific need and want their services accordingly, just get in touch with them and get a response at the earliest. For a custom quote, you need to fill out your details and requirements on this page.

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PageCDN details:

  • Website:
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Company Size: 11-50 employees
  • CEO: Hamid Sarfaraz
  • Founded: July 2019
  • Specialty: Content Delivery Network Services
  • Monthly starting price: $9
  • Head Office: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • uCompares rating:9/5


After going through this detailed review, you should be in a better position of deciding what is best for your business. The Importance of a CDN service right now is immense, and everyone is utilizing it to get the best results. So, you should not fall behind by relying on traditional ways and not implementing modern technologies into your website. We will strongly recommend you to get services from PageCDN and get ahead of everyone else.

Additionally, the combination of a great CDN and web hosting can boost the performance of your website by multiple times. So, if you are a blogger, website owner, or digital marketer, you should use this service to load your website multiple times faster around the globe. Plus, it gives you a free 30-day trial, so there is no reason for you to try out their services.

We have researched and brought you all the information about PageCDN. So, that you can make your decision in picking a CDN service with more confidence and trust. We hope our findings have helped you with this decision and our team wishes you the best!

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