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How to Change NAT Type – Step By Step Complete Guide in 2021

How to Change NAT Type in 2021:

NAT stands for “Network Address Translation.” It is the basically the capability of the router through which it can translate IP address from public to private one. That’s how IP address can hide from the public sector. NAT is a basic thing you have to be careful for. For instance if you are playing game and it get stuck due to error of network connection , then you have to look for your NAT type because NAT is unable to connect your device to the internet.

You can change information of your IP address. NAT process can be different in different addressing cases and their impact on network traffic can be vary.

NAT is also beneficial in case of request log. NAT can save the request log that is made by router of your device.  Web can receive the request and router can receive the response. So thought NAT request can sent back to the right device.

Moreover, Through NAT you can have connection with more than one players at the same time and also can filter out the game players for you.

NAT’s Drive:

  • It provide security to the network. It hide the IP address from the outer world and keep it private.
  • It maintain and control the IP address. You can say IP address is the address of home of that devices so other devices on network can receive and send messages to that device. So when you are using your device in your area, send and receive data via internet then NAT security protocol is get active.
  • NAT also use as firewall. It make sure that your data remain in your LAN and router save the log of request made by device.

Types of NAT:

Usually there are three following types available for NAT.

NAT Type 1: Open.

In this type data can stream without any limit and apps on your device can work easily. Through this all devices can exchange messages over the internet without control of internet traffic by firewall. But with the NAT type 1 there is high chance that your local network can be hack easily. Furthermore, you can have connection with any of three types. Less time is require for searching games and less chance of getting interrupt.

NAT Type 2: Moderate.

When you have setting of moderate NAT it will permit ports to remain open. In this type searching games takes some time but less then type 3.  You will find interruption more than type 1 but less then type 3.  It will act as firewall as well.

NAT Type 3: Strict.

This is extreme type pf NAT. whatever the data is exchanging in a local network is strictly controlled and might you will find trouble to get connected with internet. Most routers have this type is default setting.  This will be connected only with those customers who have Nate type 1.  It take more time to searching the games as compare to other two types. And in this type you will find trouble with lags and interruption.

Connection between different types of NAT shows in the following table:

Connection with types Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Type 1: Open yes yes Yes
Type 2: Mod yes yes
Type 3: Strict yes

How to Change type NAT:

For this purpose you have to con with admin settings of your router. We are writing down common method to change the settings of NAT.

Step 1: Select the command option to open command window, Go to admin panel to your router through the web.  See the instructions of router by entering the address via URL bar browser.

Step 2: See the list and find out default Gateway. Usually the default is  Otherwise you can see on a label at the base of router.

Step 3: After getting connected you have to put user ID and its password which might you can find n your router in label form.

Step 4: Afterwards, look for settings in your router to make Universal plug (UPnP) enable from disable option. You can have this option in the media section.

Step 5: when you have UPnP turned on, afterward there would be two options for NAT changing. You can do this via DMZ or you would put forward few ports to the console. I suggest you to do not go for first option because it can make your system vulnerable to security threats. By putting format the ports you can switch your NAT settings. When you are done with pots simply select OK.

Step 6: when you are done with ports, save the settings and now close all the windows that are already open and restart the console. And you will get to know that NAT TYPE 2 is running now. You might need some additional ports to be forwarded for different games. T do this you have to seek online support for the game enquiry.

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Every time you need to change active connection you have to reboot your router again. This is not a permanent solution. After rebooting the modem it will be reset. Type 1 will take less time rather than type 2 or type 3.

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