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20+ Best Selling Wireless Chargers For 2022

Are You Tired Of Charging Your Smartphones With Corded Chargers?

Charging your cellphone is everyone’s daily task. Having a wireless charger for smartphones, iPhones, and Apple smartwatches is a dream of every person in this era with advanced technologies. Wireless chargers are taking the place of traditional corded charges as they make you free from seeking an electrical power source around and plug in your cellphones and wait to charge for a longer time, which prohibits you from using it while charging. With wireless charges, you can make and pick a call and make other operations ongoing.

Product Name Qi CertifiedPowerConnector TypeAction
Anker PowerWave Pad II Yes 15W USBCheck On Amazon
Samsung-N5100TBEGUS Yes9 WUSB-CCheck On Amazon
Anker 10W A2524Yes 10WMicro-USBCheck On Amazon
Native Union Yes 10WUSB-C to ACheck On Amazon
Samsung Duo Pad
Yes 10W USB -CCheck On Amazon
Google Pixel
Yes10WUSB -CCheck On Amazon
Yes15W USB-C Check On Amazon
Nanami- M220
Yes10WUSBCheck On Amazon
Belkin Boost Up
Yes10W USB-CCheck On Amazon
Yootech- F500Yes10W USB-CCheck On Amazon
Moshi Otto Q
Yes15WUSB-C Check On Amazon
Unravel Yes 10WUSB-CCheck On Amazon
Mophie 3-in-1
Yes 7.5 WWirelessCheck On Amazon

How To Choose a Best Wireless Charger?

It’s hard to find out the best wireless chargers, as a wide variety best of wireless chargers are available with sophisticated design, prices, power delivery specifications, plus additional attachments make it a prior choice over corded chargers.

So, in this review, I’ve tried to cover up all the unique features of the latest best wireless chargers along with their possible pros and cons, trying to give you accurate detail about our top-listed products.

What Factors Should Be In mind during buying?

What Devices Do You Want a Wireless Charger For?

It is very important to keep in mind the devices which you want to charge with a wireless charger, either it’s an Android, iPhone, Smartwatches, AirPods, Tablets, or Pixel make sure all should be Qi-enabled.

What Type Of Wireless Charger Do do You Need?

Two kinds of wireless charges are usually available in the market, i.e., pads (best nightstand) and stand (suitable for the desk).

What is The Highest Charging Speed Of Your Device?

The c speed with which your phone gets charged wirelessly is set by the manufacturing companies which may range from 5-watts to 15-watts depends upon the device respectively. Charging pad with standard Qi may take longer charging time than third-party chargers, mostly for Android or iPhone charges.

Do You Prefer a Charging Cable or An Adapter?

Some wireless chargers come with a cable and adapter both and some with either of them. Before making a purchase make sure you are selecting the right adaptor and cable that delivers accurate charging speed to your device.

Is It Capable Of Charging Multiple Devices?

Some wireless chargers can charge more than a simple cellphone, wireless earphones, EarPods, and smart handwashing. Despite buying multiple charging pads, you can get a dual or triple charging pad that leases you to charge multiple devices at a time.

Where It Will Be Use?

Most people prefer to put the charger at the table either in their bedroom, office desk, or any other place and some people prefer to put their phones on charging when they are going to sleep so, several wireless chargers have intelligent sleep-friendly LED lights that turn off or glows so smoothly that will not interrupt you while resting.

Best Wireless Chargers 2022: 

Here is the list of Best Wireless Chargers For Both iPhone and Android that you can buy in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Choetech-T520.
  2. Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad-B07MW4YWQ4. 4.5
  3. RAVPower-US-RP-PC034-01.
  4. Google Pixel Stand-GA00507-US. 4.5
  5. Seneo-PA190AB. 4.5
  6. Samsung-N5100TBEGUS. 4.6
  7. Yootech- F500. 4.3
  8. Nanami- M220. 4.4
  9. Moshi Otto Q- 99MO022211. 4.3
  10. Anker PowerWave Pad II- A2529. 4.7
  11. Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand-A2524. 4.6
  12. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand- F7U052dqBLK. 4.4
  13. Unravel Wireless Charger- B07NH9FKZ8. 4.1
  14. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad- 409903653. 3.9
  15. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger- DOCK-WL-FB-GRY.  4.6

1. Choetech-T520 – Fast Wireless Stand Charger:


The Choetech- a wireless charger is certified with Qi regular charging rate overall. It comes under a reasonable price for a remarkable dual device giving an option to use it as a stand or pad.

Choetech permits you to use your smartphone during charging place at an upward or landscape angle than lying on a flat charging pad so you can enjoy watching videos or doing video calls without the need to take it in your hands along with charging.

At the bottom of the charger, there is a dual-color LED strip blue color that indicates the charger’s standby mode, while the green light means your cellphone is on charging at the rate of 10-Watts.

As far as its design is concerned, it has a 5mm thick rubber textured base that prevents the slipping of the device from being charged and ensures the phone’s stability on the stand.  Its efficient electrical system prevents smartphone devices from overheating and short-circuit, hence enhancing battery life.

It efficiently supports the charging of almost all models of the Samsung mobiles and iPhone, but they cannot get fully charged if GPS or any other high-power consuming app is running.

It doesn’t have an adaptor, so you must find a suitable adaptor for this wireless charger.

  • Fast charging for Androids.
  • Support dual phone placement options.
  • Numerous charging modes.                                       
  • Lack adaptor.
  • Not efficient for iPhones.
  • Maximum 4mm phone case width.

2. Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad-B07MW4YWQ4 – Top Wireless Charger:

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad-B07MW4YWQ4

Do you want to charge two devices at a time cordlessly? the best answer is the Samsung Wireless Duo pad charger. This is a compact, good-looking charging pad suitable for both Android and iPhone devices with Qi standards.

This wireless charger seems to be a bit expensive but its 2 1 function eliminates the need of buying separate chargers for the phone and your smartwatch increases its worth than its price.

It’s a little more expensive than what you’d pay for two separate charging pads, but the convenience is worth it. Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Galaxy Watch can charge on the same pad as your phone by only putting your watch on the charging pad.

As the name implies, it doesn’t mean it only supports Samsung devices instead it has enough general specifications to support many other brands too- the best part of this device is that it has one broader side for smartphones or iPhones while a second mini pad is there to place smartwatches.

As for its charging speed is concern it delivers the fastest charging speed to the device with up to 7.5 to 12-watt for most of the Galaxy and Note series. To know about the charging status of your device it has an LED indicator that glows green until your device is fully charged.

Cooling fans are built in it giving a proper thermostable system hence increases the battery life of the device and charger itself.

  • Compatible to all Qi-enabled devices.
  • double device charging once.
  • Non-intrusive LEDs.
  • Not suitable for Samsung smartwatches.
  • Sometimes it gets slow.

3. RAVPower- US-RP-PC034-01 – Convenient and High-Quality Wireless Charger:

RAVPower- US-RP-PC034-01

If you are a fan of wireless charges with a slim, sleek design along with speedy charging power, then you should go for a RAVPower. It’s among the most ultra modern-looking charger on our guide list and the cheapest option for charging your phone cordlessly.

It is a Qi-certified charger, i.e., and it can support a variety of devices such as iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X at 7.5-watts,  also the Samsung Galaxy series and Note 8, respectively.

RAVPower protects the device from getting over-heated, over-voltage, and current flow from its rechargeable battery, adding up more time in its battery life due to the presence of advanced technology in these charges, which carefully monitor the charging percentage. When the phone is fully charged, it reduces its electrical supply to the battery.

The most innovative feature of this wireless charger is its HyperAir technology, which continuously detecting iPhone as both have the same fixed frequency program. It simultaneously starts charging when it enters its lower battery range.

Its LED light remains orange upon charging iPhone either it is on charging or fully charged, but it turns green when the Android phone is placed over the RAVPower. It can only charge those phones with 3mm of the phones’ thickness with more width cannot be set.

  • Classy, sleek design.
  • HyperAir technology.                                    
  • LED light lacks indication upon iPhone charging.
  • Don’t support phones with thicknesses other than 3mm.

4. Google Pixel Stand- GA00507-US – Compatible To All Pixel Phones:

Google Pixel Stand- GA00507-US

The Google Pixel stand is the best option for those who do not compromise on money instead, looking for the utmost wireless charging stand which is more than a typical charger. It is suitable for all Pixel phone versions and Qi-enabled smartphones.

Either it’s a Google Pixel 3,3XL charge up to 10W, and for Pixel 4, and 4XL, 11W of charging input, hence turning all your favorite images into a digital photo frame and enjoy favorite apps and with Google Pixel wireless stand respectively.

You can have much more than fast charging, with Google Assistance you can customize your routine tasks like daily schedules, weather forecast and has alarm functionality to gently lighten your room with cool warmed colors giving a more pleasant wakeup experience.

When your Pixel charges, seamless union with Nest products in your home enables you to screen who is at your door as the video display on Pixel’s screen when someone rings ‘Nest Hello doorbell’. You can get this specification separately.

  • Images slide sharing feature.
  • Alarm functionality.
  • Efficient with 11W of charging.
  • Expensive.

5. Seneo- PA190AB – Sleek Wireless Charger:

Seneo- PA190AB

Seneo cunts in the world’s upleading brands, having more than 2 million customers. It looks so classy and sleek in design with dual charging modes, i.e., 5-watt for Android phones like Samsung  S6 and Note 8 onward models and  10-watts for iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X, respectively.

Therefore, Seneo ensures a more stable connection that allows speedy charging than other 5-watt chargers. You will get your Android or iPhones fully charge within a few minutes, along with constant use.

It arrives with all the conventional innovations. As it is  Qi-certified, it’s fitted with both Samsung and iPhone. Inbuilt temperature, voltage, and short circuit protection protect your phone’s battery from these accidental consequences.

Seneo wireless charger’s phone case has up to 5mm of thickness, leaving behind the optimal 4mm of thickness phone cases; this will prevent you from adjusting your phone repeatedly in the phone case.

The downside of the Seneo charger is that its charging stand isn’t suitable for other smartphones on the market. Except for iPhone or Samsung, and it doesn’t come with a Qi 2.0 or 3.0 adapter, you must buy it separately.

  • Cozy design.
  • Fastest Charging.                     
  • Can’t support other brands except for iPhone and Samsung.
  • Lack Qi adapters.

6. Samsung N5100TBEGUS – Best Wireless Charger For Android Phones:

Samsung -N5100TBEGUS-For Samsung Users

Samsung wireless chargers are among the pioneers with some impressive specifications. You might think this charger is from Samsung, so it will only support Samsung phones, but you’re mistaken; it is compatible with Samsung, and iPhone 8. 8 Plus, and X.

This wireless charger has two coils that enable horizontal and vertical directional charging. This charger is supported by a USB-C cable and QC2.o adapter, which permits efficient charging speed.

Samsung wireless charger has inbuilt fans, ensuring the proper heat control in the device, hence protecting your phone’s battery from overheating and enhancing its life.

Everyone prefers their phone to be charged in less interval of time. Samsung fulfills this desire; in various reviews, it has been claiming that iPhones are charged quicker with 5-watts  and for Samsung phones in 9-watts of energy than ordinary charging time while using GPS and different apps during charging your smartphones are always accessible to you doing any task.

Multicolor LED lights are located beneath the circular puck at the base of the stand glow decently, enabling you to know your phone’s charging status without getting irritated by sharp lightning. As for its case, support is a concern; it only charges phones accurately with thickness less than 4mm; otherwise, you may face a problem setting.

  • Compact design.
  • An efficient thermal control system.
  • Fastest charging.
  • Pleasant LED light.
  • Don’t support phones with thickness other than 3mm.

7. Yootech-F500 – Best Adaptable to Multiple Devices:


Yootech is an eye-catcher wireless charger for everyone due to its lower price and more innovative features-the utmost choice for those you are hunting for a budget-friendly puck wireless charger.

This puck wireless charger is 0.47 inches thick along with efficient thermal control settings, which make your device cooler and adds up more in your charging experience competitive to other same-priced chargers.

If you want to charge multiple devices from a single source, Yootech delivers multiple charging rates needed by Samsung Galaxy and tabs at about 10-watt, iPhones at 7.5-watt, and  Qi-enabled phones at 5-watts, respectively.

An amazing feature of this charger is its LED lights, which blink at various intervals to alert you about your phone’s charging status. It starts to blink repeatedly when there is something like a metallic object closer to the detecting area that prevents you from serious errors. In contrast, when the phone is well connected to the charger, it will blink for about 3 seconds, and once it gets into charging mode, the blinking light will go off enables you to sleep well until your phone gets charged fully.

As a puck-style wireless charger, you cannot use your phone during charging and enjoy your favorite apps. So, you have to wait to be fully charged.

  • The rapid charging.
  • An efficient thermal control system.
  • LED sleep mode.
  • Wise indicator.
  • Puck design.

8. Nanami- M220 – Fast Wireless Charger:

Nanami- M220

Are you hunting for the best wireless charger at an affordable price? Then you should check out Nanami wireless charger. It is a designed stand charger that lets you put your smartphones on charging in both portrait and landscape orientation and enjoy using the phone during charge.

Nanami quick wireless charger is compatible with both iPhones, and Samsung phones support 10-watt charging and 7.5-watt iPhones. Still, you’ll have to pay an additional amount for a QuickCharge 2.0 or above adapter for fast speedy charging.

Its case supports phones with thickness up to 5mm with anti-slipping rubber bottom, enables efficient, accurate charging of your phone.

With multicolor LED light indicators helps to know your phone’s status such as in standby mode, it blinks blue when enters into charging mode, it turns green, and when it is not properly placed on the charger, it glows light blue that stops blinking,

On the other hand, when the phone enters charging mode, it stops glowing and lets you sleep relaxedly.

If you want to use some apps while putting a phone on charging, then Nanami would slow down the charging of both iPhones and Android smartphones. It is featuring overcharging, and over-temperature protection avoids overcharges your battery or wastes energy.

  • Affordable  wireless charger.
  • Efficient sleeping mode.
  • Safety features.
  • Lacks true fast charging.

9. Moshi Otto Q- 99MO022211Best Overall Charger:

Moshi Otto Q- 99MO022211

Moshi Otto Q is an excellent combination of stylish design with amazing functionality. This wireless charger is compatible with both Andriod and iPhones with a fast charging speed of up to 10-watt.

Its unique design makes it stand out from the rest with its silver metal-plastic body covered by a grey fabric, due to its unique design it looks like a part of your room, kitchen, or lounge.

Moshi Otto Q has an anti-sliding silicone ring on the top of the grey fabric, fixes the cell when placed on the wireless charger, In addition to the top silicone ring it has a rubber pad underneath to fix the charger on the table or shelf.

Moshi provides a 3.ft long  USB-C and USB-A cable, but the company does advise that you will require a QC 2.0 adapter to get the supreme speed from it. Just plug the USB-C wire into the posterior end of the charger and plug the USB-A cord into an adapter.

If any metallic object comes in between the phone and charger it rapidly detects and the charger shuts down instantly. so, you need to be careful while putting phones on the charger.

Moshi’s case is capable to withhold phones with thickness up to 5mm, hence giving an option for a variety of devices chargeable from this marvelous wireless charger.

It comes with a white LED light at the front side, stays on even when the phone fully charges and makes it slightly uncomfortable to put it in the bedroom at the night.

  • Classy look.
  • Anti- slippery pad.           
  • LED light is not sleep-friendly.
  • Lacks adaptors.

10. Anker PowerWave Pad II- A2529 – Best Versatile Wireless Charger:

Anker PowerWave Pad II- A2529

Anker PowerWave Pad II  is a plastic puck wireless charger, capable to deliver fast charging a maximum of 15-Watt to Qi-enabled iPhones and Androids.

Its rubbery anti-slippery rings on both the upper and lower side of the charger fix the phone in its place and initiate charging spontaneously. With a 5-foot wire which permanently connected to the power adapter, so simply plug in, and you’re set.

This charger efficiently supports the speedy charging of Pixel 4, various LG, and Sony smartphones. It supports top speed charging of iPhones up to 7.5-watt and for Samsung devices, it gets up to 10-watts while 5-watts for Airpods and other devices respectively the most fast charging rates up till now.

For safety precautions, it has a good thermal control system that avoids conditions that may cause by the over-heating, over-voltage flow, and instantly detects and respond to any foreign metal object.

Anker’s case is friendly for a variety of phones with up to 5mm width, enables us to accurately fit phones, and lets it charged with the highest speed.

It has a sharp blue LED light indicator located at the front side, glows when the cellphone starts charging that irritates when you put the phone on charging in dark, hence not a sleep-friendly option.

  • Non-slippery pads.
  • Fast 15-watt charging.
  • Qi adaptors.
  • Sharp LED light.
  • Average design.

11. Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand-A2524 – Most Versatile Inexpensive Charger:

Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand-A2524

Anker 10W Wireless Charging stand is a simple, inexpensive, and a sleek plastic charging stand that inclines to 80 degrees angle that enables you to charge your phone either in portrait or landscape position and therefore enjoy your movie when it is charging.

It comes with a 4-foot USB cable and mini USB port at the back, plugged into any USB charger to power stand, it has an anti-slipping rubbery button at the beneath of the Anker’s chargers which gently fixes the charger with the table surface. Therefore, the best consequences can be obtained by conjugating both cord and adapter powering the Anker stand charger.

Power input varies from device to device such as QC 2.0/3.0 adapter efficiently charged all the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series with 10W, 7.5W using QC 2.0/3.0 adapter for iPhones SE, 11, 11 Pro Max, XS, XR,8, and 8 Plus on the other hand 5V or 2A adaptors for all standard Qi-enabled smartphones up to 5W respectively.

This Wireless charger eradicates the risky situations that may cause by overheating, over-voltage flow, and significantly detects foreign metal objects when hits the charger giving you and your phone full protection.

  • Easy charging.
  • Safety thermal protection.
  • Rubbery buttons at the bottom.
  • Lacks USB-wall cable.
  • Not compatible with multiple devices.

12. Belkin Boost Up- F7U052dqBLK – Best Overall Wireless Charging Stand:

Belkin Boost Up- F7U052dqBLK

If you are hunting for the best wireless stand charger which enables you to charge your phone at both horizontal and verticle angles then you should consider the Belkin Boost Up wireless charger. It lets you use the phone while on charging.

This wireless charger has a chic design circular rubbery pad giving a wider area for placing phones with great stability and ensures the correct charging position either portrait or landscape position.

The Belkin BOOST UP comes in black or white plastic and has a wide frame with non-slip rubber padding on the bottom edges and on the surfaces where you rest your phone. The design makes it easy to position your phone with up to 3mm of thickness correctly so that it charges.

To boost up charging efficiency it comes with a cord fixed with adapters, barrel connector, separate cord, and adaptor in different versions of this wireless charger respectively. In any way, it’s good to have a suitable adapter included with it.

It comes with twin LED lightning indicators that glow when the phone is charging and turns orange as an indicator of any foreign metallic object interaction that keeps you aware of every situation. It also has an over- thermal protection system inbuilt for peace of mind.

If you have an iPhone, the Belkin BOOST UP can charge at the topmost speed of 7.5-watt, and it can hit 9-watt for Samsung phones, but for every other device Google’s Pixel phones are at 5-watt.

  • Anti-slippery pad.
  • Dual charging positions.
  • Multiple accessory options.         
  • Basic design.
  • Huge size.
  • Lack super-fast charging speed.

13. Unravel Wireless Charger- B07NH9FKZ8 – Best Multi-Phone Charger

Unravel Wireless Charger- B07NH9FKZ8

Do you want to charge multiple devices at once? Unravel is the best wireless charger capable to charge more than one device at a time, saves your time and electrical energy.

It has two versions i.e. Unravel AW+  and Unravel 3+1. The first one has two charging pads linked together gives an option to charge your iPhones, AirPods, Qi-enabled Android and phones, and third pads specifically for Apple smartwatches at once.

While, on the other hand, the second version comes with 3 charging pads with dual USB-C slots uses to connect the fourth device with up to 10-watts.

Its soft plastic design with rocky LED lights glow when it is charging, but they seem superfluous as various phones have it. The fold-out pole is in a triangular shape for bracing your phone in a horizontal direction you can enjoy using the phone when it charges, but it also seems quite fragile.

Unravel has two updated versions with 10-watt wireless charging coils that lefts behind other chargers. These perches will charge your device automatically at the topmost speed whether you prefer iPhone (7.5W) or Android phones (10W).

It has a USB-C cable with a PD adapter that provides the power of two 10-watt wireless charging perch to different devices without compromising the rate of power supply.

However, this all-around wireless charger is perfect to charge multiple devices, and this is travel-friendly as well. though a single charging pad fulfills your need.

  • Charge three devices at once.
  • Triangular fold-out design.
  • Additional USB-C port.                           
  • Pricey.
  • Huge adapter.
  • Lack thermal control system.

14. Mophie 409903653 – 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad:

Mophie-409903653Morphie wireless charging pad is a spot for your iPhones, Qi-certified Android smartphones, and Apple smartwatches, and AirPods as well means your handy accessories charge wirelessly with up to 7.5W of charging. It eliminates the need of buying multiple charging devices for your everyday accessories.

In addition to its multi-device charging capability, the sleek and leathery finish adds a touch of style to be suitable for any desk or tabletop. Apple Watch charging connector in it holds the watch at the optimum angle, supports a night mode stand lets you be used it as an alarm clock.

Along with a case-ready design and anti-slipping rubbery surface, making Mophie a leading among other similar wireless devices. It works seamlessly with Android or iPhones with a maximum thickness of 3mm with 7.5W  of charging power.

Morphie wireless charger comes with a USB-A port and USB-C PD port as well which ultimately lets you quick charge the wireless device with 18W.

But the downside of this wireless charger is that it doesn’t permit you to charge the AirPods Pro case, and it some times difficult to place your smartphones exactly in the place which ultimately affects the charging efficiency.

  • 3 in 1  wireless charger.
  • Case-ready design.                                                                                                                                                        
  • Pricey.
  • Charge at a specific location.
  • Not works for AirPods Pro.

15. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger-DOCK-WL-FB-GRY – Most Classy Style:

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger-DOCK-WL-FB-GRY

If you are looking for the most style striking charging dock with dual charging mode then the Native Union Dock wireless charger is the best choice of all. It can recharge  Androids and other Qi-enabled devices with 10W and is compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X up to 7.5W of energy input.

With Native Dock, you can charge your phone either in landscape or portrait- ideal for those who like to stream and want the full functionality of the phone while on charging. This is a solution for the many people who use their phones as an alarm clock at their side table.

It chargers through most phone cases up to 3mm thick and the design offers a heat protection sensor to encounter overheating along with foreign object detection, however, ensures safety and stability.

The box doesn’t include a wall adapter, but you do get a slightly long 6.5-foot braid USB-A  to USB-C charging wire.

  • Versatile design.
  • Supports big Phones.
  • Safety features.
  • Costly.
  • Not case-friendly.

Final Words:

In the above list of the best wireless chargers, I’ve tried to cover up all the wireless chargers from top-ranking brands among the dozen wireless chargers present in the market right now. With this guide, you will surely get the wireless charger you are happy with. If you want fast-charging pads or chargers with dual charging modes or chargers which efficiently charge multiple devices at once and much more, all these aspects are present in this guide.

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