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15+ Best Fax Machine in 2022

In the past few years, when electronic mailing and digital documentation were not common, office work was all about paperwork delivery. The fax machine was an essential part of official workplaces. The world becomes more technical and digitalized as so the offices also shift to emails and digital documentation. Still, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for fax machines in the office and homes- a vital business tool especially when you need to secure information, communicational way between offices, dealers and customers, and today’s version of the best fax machines are easier to use and upgraded with latest technological specifications.

Product Name Print speedScan resolutionPaper capacityAction
Brother FAX-2940 20 ppm 1,200 x 1,200 DPI250 SheetsCheck On Amazon
HP OfficeJet 3830 20 ppm1200 x 1200 DPI60 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Brother FAX-575
9600 bps400 x 400 DPI50 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Canon FAXPHONE19ppm600 x 400 DPI150 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Brother FAX4100E15ppm600 x 600 DPI250 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Canon ImageCLASS24ppm600 x 600 DPI250 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Canon FAXPHONE26ppm1200 x 600 DPI35 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Canon i-SENSYS 18 ppm 200 x 400 DPI600 SheetsCheck On Amazon
HP CB782A#ABAUp to 4 ppm400 x 200 DPI50 SheetsCheck On Amazon
Brother FAX21ppm2,400 x 600 DPI250 sheetsCheck On Amazon

How Many Types Of Fax Machines Exist?

Laser Fax Machine:

Laser fax machines are used in big organizations due to their wide range of functionality, rapid and effectual than others. Having a laser fax machine eliminates the need to use a phone every minute. You must frequently send documents and images; this is the best fax machine for widespread business companies that need to deal with a huge bundle of information.

Fax Copy Machine:

It has a dual function. It works like a photocopy and fax machine, ideal for those small organizations with enormous printing copies and fax. It has a thermal transfer, inkjet, or laser printer featuring an Auto paper feeder, fast scan, and caller ID.

Plain Paper Fax Machine:

This machine has a scanner, printer, and faxes, all other though the modest and best fax machine so far. Unlike the thermal transfer printer machine, this fax machine produces high-quality print copies using an inkjet printer.

Portable Fax Machine:

If you have a small or home base business, this is the best fax machine for you as it can’t do heavy tasks as other machines do. It only contains a phone and a copier-the most simple and basic model of all. As the name implies, it can be carried to any place easily and perform different functions.

Printer Fax Machine:

It counts in the classical fax machines, but now it is fortified with advanced technology, and you can get both the old and new versions of this fax machine. How actually are they distinct? The older version has a thermal transfer printer. In contrast, the newest one has either an inkjet or laser printer and has enormous applications due to its quicker utmost-quality color prints. It can’t crash while handling a huge burden.

Phone Fax Machine:

Its compact size is its highlighting part, making it easily adjust at the tight workplace and working as both phone and fax in a single place. It suits those who need to send and receive fax most often.

What Mechanical Characteristics Should Be Consider While Buying?

As the sole function of all types of fax machines is to send printing pages to other fax machines, but technologically upgraded Fax machines have more functionality than this, becoming essential for home and office. So, while going to make a purchase, some considerations should be in your mind to help you find the desired device.

  • Multiple-Functionality: There are a lot of fax machines are available in the market, as discussed above. So, we’ll recommend you go for that fax machine that is “All-rounder,” which means that it can simultaneously be used as a printer, scanner, and fax machine. An ideal way to save money!
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: This specification let you connect the smartphone, computer, or laptop, and send the document directly to the fax machine without connecting a bundle of cords through the wireless fax machines are the most convenient choice for the user who needs to deal with a lot of documentation daily.
  • Storage memory & Speed Dial: The most important specs of any fax machine is how fast it goes one page at a time? For this majority of the fax machines now has onboard memory where you can save the contact number; therefore gives a speed-dial for those contacts. It automatically sends the faxes to a saved number and lets you hassle-free from dialing the number repeatedly.
  • Paper-Handling: As different fax machines are constructed with different capacities and advancements, one of them is its paper-handling ability. This should be considered especially what maximum size of the document it can handle efficiently?
  • Resolution Power: Resolution determines the faxes; go for high-resolution fax machines if you don’t want to compromise on fax quality.
  • The capacity of Paper Tray: This will let you know how much quantity of papers can be placed in the fax machine for printing the coming faxes.

How Physical Fax Machine Differs From Internet Faxing Services?

Fax Machines:

The fax machine uses classical phone lines to create a connection with another fax machine. On its downside, they are quick, heavy, noisy but more secure and consistent and ideal for those whose job is to send faxes daily. Moreover, with a Fax machine, you need to provide papers, ink, and a phone line, but it’s more affordable than Web faxing services.

Internet Faxing Services:

On the other hand, it utilizes this fax service is more east but less secure and costly as it charges on each fax. To avail of internet fax services, you have to sign a user argument that will allow you to read your documents going to be the fax. Therefore it’s a major concern!

Best Fax Machine 2022:

Here is the list of the best fax machine that you can buy in 2022 and 2023:

  1. Brother FAX-2840.
  2. HP OfficeJet 3830- K7V40A#B1H.
  3. Brother FAX-575.
  4. Canon FAXPHONE- L100.
  5. Brother FAX4100E.
  6. Brother FAX2940.
  7. Brother PPF4750E.
  8. Canon ImageCLASS MF236n- 1418C036AA.
  9. Canon FAXPHONE- L190.
  10. CimFAX A5-CF-C2102.
  11. Canon TR8520- 2233C002.
  12. HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf-CE841A#BGJ.
  13. Canon- MB2720.
  14. Canon i-SENSYS FAX- L170.
  15. HP CB782A#ABA.

1. Brother FAX – 2840:

Brother FAX-2840

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  • Weight: 9 KG
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets of paper
  • Laser technology
  • Auto-page feeder: 20-pages
  • Local Memory: 16 MB
  • Broadcasting message option
  • Item dimension: 37.1 x 37.3 x 31 cm
  • Compact size
  • B/W laser technology
  • 33.6k bps G3 Fax Modem

Starting our guide with the overall best fax machine Brother FAX-2840- the fastest Mono Laser device with the wireless operation, allows the user to print or fax from any laptop or computer. Moreover, it has a great local memory of 16 MBS that can store up to 400 pages and deal with 250 paper sheets at once for multipage faxes with a speed of 21ppm laser printing and calling and receive faxes at a time. It can efficiently broadcast up to 272 locations though let you send faxes to multiple recipients. What else is left by this great high-performance fax machine? Nothing, it compensates its cost with specs it inherits!

  • Fit in small workplaces.
  • Great onboard memory.
  • Call and get a fax at once.
  • High-grade output.
  • Contains only B/W technology.
  • It can’t handle a huge burden.

2- HP OfficeJet 3830 – K7V40A#B1H:

HP OfficeJet 3830- K7V40A#B1H

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  • Weight: 12.37 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 60 sheets of paper
  • Print speed: 8.5ppm black & 9ppm color
  • Inkjet  technology
  • Auto-page feeder: 35-pages
  • 2.2 mono touchscreen
  • Broadcasting message option
  • Item dimension: 14.33 x 17.72 x 8.54 inches
  • Compatibility: Window, iOS, Android & Mac

If you don’t want to invest separately in a scanner, printer, and fax machine and hunting for an all-in-one device, then no need to go elsewhere but the HP OfficeJet 3830- the best functional devices for office and home use. It is designed to be fit in small and tight workplaces. Its touchscreen operation, borderless printing with 8.5 ppm speed for black & white and 9 ppm for color prints along with 60 pages input and 25 pages output capacity, automated 35-page feeder, and wireless operation make it work with windows, iOS, and Android smartphones and Mac as well, therefore, making all three functions effortless.

  • Compact size.
  • Borderless printing.
  • Touchscreen operation.
  • Work wirelessly.
  • Bit noisy.
  • Expensive ink cartridges.

3. Brother FAX – 575:

Brother FAX-575

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  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 50 sheets of paper
  • Local Memory: 512 KB
  • Ribbon Transfer technology
  • Auto-page feeder: 10-pages
  • Resolution: 400 x 400 dpi
  • Caller ID: Available
  • Item dimension: 15.5 x 13 x 9 inches

Another product from the best fax machine-making company Brother. If you have a small workplace and looking for a sleek and compact fax machine, then here comes a Brother  FAX-575. It not only occupies a lot of space, but it is also so easy to set up. Some most appealing specs that reside in the FAX-575 includes an in-built phone with caller ID, 512 KB of onboard memory, let you hold a large number of documents, gives high-resolution prints of 400 dpi, an automated 10 pages document feeder, and a paper capacity of the try is about 50 sheets of paper, and last but not the least Ribbon transfer technology makes it the third-best Fax machine in our guide list.

  • Ideal for narrow and tight places.
  • Straightway usage.
  • Comes with caller ID and phone.
  • Can handle multiple copying.
  • Budget-oriented.
  • Limited sheet input capacity.
  • Annoying transfer cartridge replacement.

4. Canon FAXPHONE – L100:

Canon FAXPHONE- L100

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  • Weight: 18.1 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 150 sheets paper
  • Printing speed: 19ppm
  • Laser technology
  • Local Memory: 64 MBs
  • Auto-page feeder: 30-pages
  • 130 numbers-speed dialing
  • Paper output: 100 sheets
  • Item dimension: 12 x 14.7 x 12 inches

You have a mini-office at home and need a fax machine with multiple functions, i.e., copying, printing, and faxing with the touch of a key. With Canon FAXPHONE-L100, you’ll experience the best faxing experience because of its high 130 speed dials; moreover, it has 64 MBs of local memory that efficiently saves up to 512 sheets easily. It comes with a telephone for easy dialing with a 30-page automatic document feeder, frequent printing speed that can print 19 pages per minute, and approximately 100-paper output sheets.

  • Time-saving machine.
  • Multiple document copying.
  • Fast paper print speed.
  • 3 in 1 functionality.
  • Great local memory storage space.
  • Bit pricey.
  • Lack wireless compatibility.

5- Brother FAX4100E:

Brother FAX4100E

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  • Weight: 19.9 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets of paper
  • Printing speed: 15ppm
  • Fax speed: 3 seconds per page
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Laser technology
  • Local Memory: 8 MBs
  • Auto-page feeder: 30-pages
  • 33.6 bps G3 fax modem
  • Auto dial-up speed: 132 numbers
  • Item dimension: 21.9 x 19.9 x 17.4 inches

You have a huge load to handle daily, and looking for a device that can fax and copy simultaneously in very little time in a straightforward way, then Brother FAX 4100E best suits you. What specs make it the best fax machine? It operates on laser technology and gives out black & white copies and printing with a fax speed of 3 seconds per page with 600 x 600 dpi resolution. Its inbuilt telephone lets you make a cell with a daily speed of up to 132 numbers, 250 sheets of tray capacity and 8 MBs of inbuilt memory make this machine a versatile, reliable the best fax machine for 2021.

  • 3 in 1 device.
  • Great auto-dial specs.
  • Hight resolution documentation.
  • Fastest faxing speed.
  • Large paper holding capacity.
  • Pricey.
  • Not compatible with all computers.

6- Brother FAX2940:

Brother FAX2940

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  • Weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets of paper
  • Printing speed: 20ppm
  • Fax speed: 2.5 seconds per page
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Laser technology
  • Local Memory: 16 MBs
  • Auto-page feeder: 30-pages
  • 33.6Kbps fax modem
  • Item dimension: 14.6 x 14.7 x 12.2 inches

Here comes the pure fax machine without any other functionality. Brother FAX-2940 offers a vast array of specifications that make it the best amount for others. Its dial speed of up to 200 numbers, great 16 MBs of onboard memory, makes it a secure place to have up to 500 documents; therefore, there is no need to worry about missing any fax if you have a FAX-2940. If we talk about its tray capacity, then you can store up to 250 pages; the auto feeder can handle 30 pages at a time with great high resolution. If you want a printer and scanner software, download it update it timely, and convert this best fax machine into a multi-task device.

  • Reliable and dedicated fax machine.
  • Great print quality.
  • Time-saving.
  • It looks like a traditional fax machine.
  • Lacks other non-fax functions.

7- Brother PPF4750E:

Brother PPF4750E

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  • Weight: 23.3 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets of paper
  • Printing speed: 15ppm
  • Fax speed: 2 seconds per page
  • Resolution: up to 600 dpi
  • Laser technology
  • Local Memory: 8 MBs
  • Auto-page feeder: 50-pages
  • Fax modem: 33.6 kbps
  • Item dimension: 21.9 x 20.2 x 18 inches

Introducing a Brother PPF4750E- the best business class fax machine operated on laser technology with the latest features. Its fast faxing speed i.,e 2 seconds per page, decent local memory space, automates 50-page feeder at the time and 250 sheets paper capacity tray, with 33.6kbps fax modem and gives out the decent- quality of documents with up to 600 dpi of resolution, and fast 25 pages per minute printing speed makes it suitable for those businesses who sends and receives a lot of faxes in a regular basis. Its professional-grade fax machine is expensive, but I think a major concern is its functionality, not the price tag!

  • Fastest transmission speed rate.
  • Can store up to 500 to 600 pages.
  • Comparatively large auto-paper feeding.
  • Expensive.
  • Bit tricky on setting up.

8. Canon ImageCLASS MF236n – 1418C036AA:

Canon ImageCLASS MF236n- 1418C036AA

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  • Weight: 25.4 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets of paper
  • Printing speed: 24ppm
  • Fax speed: 2 seconds per page
  • Laser technology
  • Local Memory: 256 MBs
  • Auto-page feeder: 35-pages
  • Paper size: 8.5 inch x 14
  • Item dimension: 14.7 x 15.4 x 14.2 inches

With Canon ImageCLASS MF236n can be utilized as a printer, scanner, fax, and copying machine. This laser machine consumes 2-Watts of electrical input on energy-saving mode. Its lack of & white-touch LCD control panel makes it easy to set up the required operation to be run at the speed of 24 pages per minute. Besides printing faxing documents in soft form, you can also scan documents in the hard form via the Canon Print Business app. It has a tremendously fast faxing speed of 2 seconds per page, let you fax tons of documents in a single day.

  • Affordable device.
  • 4 in 1 functionality.
  • Shows a wide range of compatibility.
  • Consumes very little electricity.
  • Bulky.
  • Often fail to connect wirelessly.

9. Canon FAXPHONE – L190:

Canon FAXPHONE- L190

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  • Weight: 8 KG
  • Paper Capacity: 512 sheets of paper
  • Printing speed: 26ppm
  • Fax speed: 2 seconds per page
  • Laser technology
  • Local Memory: 128 MBs
  • Auto-page feeder: 35-pages
  • Item dimension: 44.45 x 47.24 x 35.81 cm

If you’re hunting for a most furious and high-quality fax machine, then Canon FAX PHONE L190 will not deceive you! This multi-purpose device can be used as a printer, fax, and copier. It contains laser technology that delivers extra crispiness to its output documents. Other features included are its high capacity sheet paper tray that can store up to 512 papers, automatic page feeder that can feed up to 35 pages at a time with 26 paper per minute and 2 seconds per page fax speed, its great local storage memory secures the important documents, so need to worry if some faxes you miss out!

  • Work on latest laser technology.
  • Delivers 100 sheet paper output at a time.
  • High page tray capacity.
  • Local memory is limited.
  • Monochrome usage only.

10. CimFAX A5 – CF-C2102:

CimFAX A5-CF-C2102

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  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Automated re-send the failed documents
  • Fax speed: 2 seconds per page
  • Dot Matrix technology
  • Printer output type: Monochrome
  • Local Memory: 256 MBs
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Item dimension: 7.08 x 4.13 x 1.18 inches
Now comes a CimFAX A5 Fax Server, a modest version of a fax machine. This innovative device lets you send and get faxes on your PC, Mac, and almost all types of iOS and Android smartphones, giving you a paperless option. Still, it only requires the availability of a stable internet connection. You can also set your schedule for faxes that will support doc and pdf file formats, respectively. If you want to send the fax in soft form, this device will support you in it; therefore, it frees you from paper and ink usage. It’s auto resending of failed faxes on its own and also sends the incoming faxes directly to your emails in pdf format, consequently, the best fax machine so ever!
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Paperless and inkless faxing.
  • Portable.
  • Support electronic faxes.
  • Compatibility is great.
  • Only monochrome is available.
  • Bit pricey as a single fax machine.

11. Canon TR8520 – 2233C002:

Canon TR8520- 2233C002

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  • Weight: 17. 5 pounds
  • 4.3 inches of touchscreen
  • Photo printing
  • Business card printing
  • Individual 5 ink system
  • Item dimension: 14.4 x 17.3 x 7.5 inches

Canon TR8520-2233C002  is an ideal fax machine, a printer, and scanning all in a single device. It is suitable for small organizations and home offices, where you can print assignments, reports, photos, and much more. It comes with a front, and rear paper feeder, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity, and a wide range of compatibility with a computer, smartphones, and iPad as well-just connect them with Canon. You are all set to operate via 4.3 inches of the touchscreen control panel. Its compact size and lightweight make it portable and fit in small and tight workplaces easily.

  • Compact design.
  • Operated wirelessly.
  • Easy to use touchscreen panel.
  • Can’t handle huge load.
  • Pricey.

12. HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf – CE841A#BGJ:

HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf-CE841A#BGJ

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  • Weight: 18.3 pounds
  • Paper Capacity: 100 & 150 sheets paper
  • Laser technology
  • 2-line, 16-character display, menu and navigation buttons
  • Auto-page feeder: 35-pages
  • Item dimension: 23.3 x 15.6 x 13.6 inches

HPLaser Jet Pro M1212nf is packed with 2 in one function. It can be used as a scanner, printer, and fax machine. Its Wireless connectivity lets you fax and print any document from any smartphone and computer. This innovative multifunctional device operates on laser technology, having a 150 sheets input tray and 100 sheet face down bin, and delivering capacity is greatly enhanced by a high-speed USB slot.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Great output quality.
  • Good alternative to inkjet machines.
  • No colorful copying and printing.

13. Canon – MB2720:

Canon- MB2720

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  • Weight: 26.5 pounds
  • Dual paper cassettes capacity: 500 sheets
  • 3.0-inches of touch LCD
  • Inkjet technology
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Item dimension: 18.3 x 18.1 x 12.6 inches

Canon- MB2720, a printer, a scanner, and a fax machine are straightforward to set up and give dual paper cassettes collectively provide 500 sheets capacity. This machine is compatible with a computer, Mac, and smartphone gives a print laser-sharp text with smudge resistance with a 20,000 page Duty Cycle. You can get a print job from a maximum of 4 users giving a colored print in approximately 12 seconds, respectively.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Straightway operation.
  • Great 500 paper-sheet capacity.
  • Multiple device compatibility.
  • Often buggy.
  • Slow print response.

14. Canon i-SENSYS FAX – L170:

Canon i-SENSYS FAX- L170

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  • Weight: 11.93 pounds
  • Page storage capacity: 150 pages
  • Printing Speed: 18 ppm
  • Laser technology
  • Automatic page feeder: 30 pages
  • Printer output type: Monochrome
  • Local Memory: Stores up to 600 pages
  • Item dimension: 30.3 x 37.21 x 30.3 cm

If you want a budget-friendly but efficient multifunction device that acts as the best Fax machine? Canon i-SENSYS FAX L170 comes with your ideal specs. This is ideal for those who will use the Fax machine for the first time because this LCD control panel, really easy to use! It has the fastest dialing speed that is 30 numbers with one-touch and 100 coated dials; therefore stores all your essential regular contacts. Moreover, it sends the faxes with a speed of 3 seconds per page, stores up to 512 to 600 pages on its local storage, and tray can withhold 150 sheets of paper at a time reflects the innovation of this best creation, under an affordable price tag!

  • Budget-oriented best Fax machine.
  • Large enough memory that can store up to 600 pages.
  • All in one cartridge.
  • Less energy consuming device.
  • Instructional manual is not informative enough.
  • Comparetively low storage memory.

15- HP CB782A#ABA:


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  • Weight: 6.61 pound
  • Resolution: 400 x 200 dpi
  • Fax speed: 6-second per page
  • 100-speed dial
  • Inkjet technology
  • Item dimension: 9.84 x 12.76 x 14.33 inches

Ending the guide for the best Fax machine with the HP CB782A#ABA, an inkjet fax machine compact enough to be easily placed at any small workplace, even on the table. But don’t confuse its performance with its functionality! With this fax machine, Faxes’ sending is so easy-going process giving a 400 x 200dpi resolution to the documents. Furthermore, it can save your 50 received faxes and an inbuilt program with a decent 100-speed dial. All these come under a cheap price tag.

  • Cheap fax machine.
  • Compact size.
  • Portable.
  • 100-speed dial.
  • Become noisy upon usage.

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